Liberals and Conservatives Compared

23 Apr

Just a few things I’ve run across that someone might want to comment on.

1.  In spite of the attempt to characterize Republicans as representing the rich, and Democrats as representing the middle class and the poor, surveys reveal that those who self-identify as liberal have higher incomes, on average, than those who self-identify as conservatives.  And, besides, there seems to be a prepnderance of rich liberals in Hollywood and the mainstream media.  Sort of puts the lie to what Dems/Libs would have us believe.

2.  Conservatives actually give MUCH more to charity (persentage-wise) than do liberals.  Perhaps this is tied to the conservatives’ belief that we should be accountable as individuals for broader good works, whereas liberals may tend to believe that government should take care of such things?

3.  Latest Gallup poll shows about 40% of Americans self-identify as conservative, 35% as moderate, and only 20% as liberal.  Shouldn’t this alone warn Obama away from making end runs around Congress to implement what is effectively a liberal, or “liberal-light” agenda?

More to come . . . .


One Response to “Liberals and Conservatives Compared”

  1. illero April 24, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    Recent survey out of the Pew Research Center shows that Republicans score higher than Democrats on political knowledge and history. Apparently, this has been consistently true across many surveys. Democrats outscored Republicans on only one question of 17 asked. Democrats counter the results by arguing that Democrats skew younger when looking at demographics, and younger people generally aren’t as politically aware as older groups. As one commentator noted, this puts the lie to the Republican Party being the “Stupid Party”. Overall, though, neither party shows up very well, with Republicans averaging 12+ correct out of 17, and Democrats averaging 11+ of 17.

    I took a mini-test comprised of 13 of the 17 test questions, and I am somewhat disappointed in the level of political awareness of Americans. For someone with a minimum of exposure to current events/politics, these questions should have been pretty easy — median score on this mini-test was 8 of 13.

    I am frequently amused when commentators, in order to deflect problems, say something like, “The American people are too smart to fall for that”. Actually, I don’t have that same confidence. Help!

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