Those Terrible Republicans

22 Apr

The creation of this blog was actually prompted by an exchange I had with a Facebook friend, a person I know from way back in high school, and who I consider to be every bit as intelligent and insightful as I, but who seemed to think that Democrats were the builders in this nation, and that Republicans were the destroyers.  Now, since I happen to know that many smart Republicans feel just the opposite, I would love to have a forum where Reps and Dems, or liberals and conservatives (and moderates/independents), could share their thoughts on WHY we believe as we do.  

Studies show that all groups are full of compassionate, caring, generous people (although conservatives tend to give more of their income to charity), hard-working folks across all income strata (although I think statistics show that people who identify themselves as liberals have higher incomes, on average, than those who self-identify as conservatives), and folks who love their country and love their God.


Yet we passionately HATE each other’s ideas for running the country and the economy.  And it’s not just about the elected officials and bureaucrats in Washington.  We literally hate each other’s ideas at the “common man” level.

How do we get away from this “So’s your momma” mentality, and start understanding that not only do we have a point, but so does the other guy, and start trying to understand why the other guy believes as s/he does?

I know that in Washington, politics (spelled s-e-l-f  p-r-e-s-e-r-v-a-t-i-o-n) is the over-riding name of the game.  But it’s not for you and me — why can’t WE have a reasoned discussion, away from the Maddows and Hannitys of the world?


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