The Power of Unions

22 Apr

I keep wondering why, if union membership is only 7% of the private work force, Obama feels so beholden to them.  Sure, the public employee unions are large, but still . . . . 

Well, of couse this is not really a secret.  Unions send BIG bucks to the Democratic Party, regardless of the political persuasion of its members.  You have to love it.

And what have the unions done LATELY for the future of America?  They have brought many states and companies to the brink of ruin.  It is true that, in the case of public employee unions, the governments have been complicit — after all the elected officials needed support of the unions to keep their own jobs — a truly disgusting compact between the two forces.

But now that it is obvious to all that the largess can’t go on, what happens?  With notable and commendable exceptions, the coddled unions are rebelling against necessary cuts in jobs, pay, and benefits.  The party is over.

And Wisconsin’s union’s answer is to attempt to recall those who would try to make their state solvent again.

What am I missing here?


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