My Take on Energy Policy in America

22 Apr

Instead of growing more and more together, the world seems to be in a stage of increasing polarization.  And much of the oil in the world is produced by nations which are not really friendly toward the United States.  In considering our energy policy, our national security must come first.  It is not enough to say, as Obama does, that “we import a smaller percentage of our oil needs today than we used to”.  Many factors come into play here, including the fact that rising gas prices (spelled i-n-f-l-a-t-i-o-n), have caused us to drive less.  [Some will say driving less is not a bad thing, but is it government’s role to tell us we have to drive less?]

We must free ourselves from any threat of our energy sources being cut off.  Right now, that seems to be taking full advantage of current and potential oil and natural gas production both domestically and from staunch allies.  And look at things like thorium reactors as mid-term partial solutions.

But who isn’t for other alternative energies?  EVERYONE is for these energies!  But let’s get our priorities straight — national security first, extensive R&D second in our priorities, but concurrent work done in both categories.  This is all the Republicans are really saying. 

What is wrong with this approach?  Is it not preferable to leaving the mass of oil and gas production in the hands of potential enemies, and even to encouraging Canade to ship its oil to China?



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