Is Mormonism a Problem for Romney?

22 Apr

I can sort of understand why people might look askance at the Romney’s religion.  But knowing a good bit about Mormonism myself, I know that Mormons love God, love Jesus the Christ, love mankind, love their families, are very generous with their incomes, have lower divorce rates, etc., etc.

If many Christians have a problem with this, how in the world could they NOT have a HUGE problem with Barack Obama being a long-time “student” of the Rev. Wright?  I just don’t get it.

Now — I realize that many of the Christians who do have an issue with Mormonism are themselves conservative, and didn’t vote for Obama first time around.  But a significant number of independents say their vote would be influenced by Romney’s religion, and some potential crossover voters from the Democratic Party no doubt feel the same way.

Is there a reason why Obama should get a break from the voting public on the religion issue, and Romney not?


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