Education in America

22 Apr

As of this writing, Obama is beating up the Republicans for being against higher education.  HUH?  Who in his/her right mind is against higher education?  But I would offer a couple of observations:

1.  Obama’s play to college-aged youths by proposing to make it easier, financially, to attend four-year colleges strongly appears to be just a vote-buying effort.  By the way, this is money we don’t have.

2.  Where we really need the effort is in grades K-12, where our education system is failing us mightily.  And money is not the answer there — clearly — since we already spend more than other developed countries and get MUCH less from our educational system.

3.  Most of the new jobs are not for college grads, but for tech school or special-program grads.  In other words, for technically-trained blue collar workers.

4.  Economics studies show that federal spending at the college/university level actual helps INCREASE the cost of attending college, by subtley allowing these institutions to jack up costs as more money becomes available.

5.  There is no incentive for higher institutions of learning to be efficient in their use of money.  Just like in most non-profits, there is no incentive to “make money”.  So many professors don’t teach, sports programs lose money (in the majority of cases), whole departments are formed around remedial studies (because K-12 training is so poor).


One Response to “Education in America”

  1. illero April 28, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    Not sure I’ve ever seen Boehner quite so worked up over an issue as I have seen regarding this fake issue created by Obama over the rates for federally-sponsored student loans.

    Unfortunately, I agree with him when he charges Obama with creating an issue out of nothing (since this issue has broad bi-partisan agreement).

    And I agree that there is no other way to characterize Obama’s three college stops to raise Cain (and votes from young people) about this non-issue than as campaign stops – paid for by the taxpayer.

    I think Boehner is right – this action on Obama’s part is clearly below the Office of the President – a downright embarrassment.

    What do YOU think?

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